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  1. Skoda Superb - Shot for CAR magazine

    2016-12-08 20:33:31 UTC

    Editorial photography for CAR magazine: The Skoda Superb. Slightly brown interior but a great car with so much space inside! 

  2. Ferrari 488 - Shot for PistonHeads

    2016-12-01 13:12:20 UTC

    Editorial photography for PistonHeads; the Ferrari 488. 670bhp, no roof and an incredible noise. What an awesome car.  Cutting the roof of a car weakens the structure and results in a slightly more wobbly 488. The GTB is the drivers car but with no roof the spider more than makes…

  3. Focus RS - Shot for Autocar Magazine

    2016-11-21 14:09:00 UTC

    Editorial photography for Autocar: The new Focus RS has been surrounded by so much hype, with drift buttons and clever all wheel drive its a new era of hot hatch. Does it live up to it? Its fast, nearly 350bhp is an insane amount of power to put in a…

  4. BBR GTi Super 200 - Shot for PistonHeads

    2016-09-28 11:03:00 UTC

    Editorial automotive photography for PistonHeads: The BBR GTi MX5: Lightweight, rear drive, two seats. A perfect recipe. The company based in Brackley have worked wonders on this latest iteration of Mazdas MX5.  The sensation of a lightweight naturally aspirated sports car is a thing to behold and its something that…

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