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  1. Ferrari 488 - Shot for PistonHeads

    01 Dec 2016

    Editorial photography for PistonHeads; the Ferrari 488. 670bhp, no roof and an incredible noise. What an awesome car.  Cutting the roof of a car weakens the structure and results in a slightly more wobbly 488. The GTB is the drivers car but with no roof the spider more than makes…

  2. BBR GTi Super 200 - Shot for PistonHeads

    28 Sep 2016

    Editorial automotive photography for PistonHeads: The BBR GTi MX5: Lightweight, rear drive, two seats. A perfect recipe. The company based in Brackley have worked wonders on this latest iteration of Mazdas MX5.  The sensation of a lightweight naturally aspirated sports car is a thing to behold and its something that…

  3. Alfa Romeo GT4C by Alfaworks

    29 Jul 2016

    Not long ago I shot the Alfaworks GT4C for PistonHeads. You can read all about it here!  The car is a tweaked and modified version of Alfa’s 4C. 30kgs lighter and with an additional 40bhp along with some suspension changes. Its a real giant killer and was great fun to…

  4. Ford Mustang shot for PistonHeads

    01 May 2016

    Its bright yellow, shouty and huge. There is massive appeal for this car. At the price this car is a bargain. Although with some of the quality lacking, you get what you pay for. Read the full story here  And what else would you do with a V8 Mustang?

  5. Range Rover SVR shot for Pistonheads

    13 Jan 2016

    Recently I shot the long termer SVR for PistonHeads against a cold, grey background. Fortunately there was a break in rain and we set about getting some photos!  Blasting about the midlands with the incredible soundtrack in 2 tonnes of luxury is a surreal experience. This car is rapid. And…

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