Birkett 6H Relay at Silverstone

On the 24th of October I found myself trackside at Silverstone in the pouring rain preparing for the 6H relay race to commence! 

As the race got underway, the rain got heavier and heavier. I began working my way around the track to find the best vantage point through the rain and mist. My camera gear was getting a  soaking but it held up well all day. 

Eventually settling on a spot I began shooting away, catching brake lights through the spray as the cars entered the corner.  

With weather conditions not budging I got myself comfortable and prepared for the next few hours. As the time went by, concentration from some of the drivers dropped and there were a few sideways moments and a few offs! 

Around the halfway point the rain began to slow. I repositioned and in the much better weather conditions managed to get some more photos. 

Visiting the teams in the paddocks always allows for some interesting images of drivers preparing and teams preparing the cars for the next stint. 

And finally for the last hour we were treated to a slightly damp sunset! 

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