Goodwood 2015

Last weekend, I visited Goodwood for arguably one of the biggest automotive events in the UK. 3 days of the latest and greatest from some of the top manufacturers. With runs up the famous hill all weekend and a massive range of metal on display there was plenty to see and do! 

The diverse range of cars is what makes Goodwood appeal to the masses. From 80’s F1 cars to modern hot hatches, you see them all at Goodwood. 

Alongside this eclectic mix were drift cars, BJ Baldwin was there running his Chevy Custom truck up the hill and getting very sideways! 

As well as runs up the hill there was some beautiful cars on display, Singer design was showcasing its latest re-imaged 911 and possibly had the cleanest engine bay i’ve ever seen. 

And of course there was plenty of sideways action, burnouts and doughnuts! 

And the Le Mans winning Porsche from 2 weeks ago did a run up the hill! Was very special to see it again, battle scars still in place. 

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