Le Mans 24h!

The biggest spectator event in the world, over a quarter of a million people in attendance and I was one of them! This is my story of the Le Mans 24 hour race 2015. 

Thursday morning, 4AM out of bed and on the road to the Euro Tunnel. The road to Folkestone was littered with exciting metal, and the tunnel itself was crammed with every car imaginable all making the yearly pilgrimage to this small French town. 

We arrived in Le Mans after a ‘gentle’ cruise down some French motorways and we arrived at our accommodation for the next few days. 

That evening we headed out to the track to grab a few images of the late night practice. Then we headed to bed to get some rest for race day! 

Race day came about, watching the build up from the grandstand was incredible. The 56 cars lining up on the grid and then heading out on the parade lap was a theatre of noise. Rumbles of V8 Corvettes and electric whines of the hybrids. 

Lights out and 24 hours of non stop running began! Working my way round the track and picking out the best spots for spectating and photographing took most of the afternoon. The front wheel drive Nissans had an awesome shape to them and certainly made an impact on social media!  

Night fell and the race heated up, drivers reaching the end of their stints and losing concentration meant there were a few spins here and there. 24 hour races are always more exciting at night, with glowing brake disks and exhausts spitting flames! 

As daylight came the race continued, the end now in sight. Getting back up into the grandstands gave the best view and an incredible atmosphere to the end of the race as the winning 918 crossed the line and the spectators flooded onto the track. 

Overall it was a fantastic 24 hours, the whole event was incredible and I’m looking forward to the Le Mans classic next year! 

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