Some time with a Mini Copper JCW

Recently I have been spending some time with a Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works. What a great little car, punchy, rapid and great fun to drive. With short snappy gear changes, and a fantastic little engine the car buzzes, feeling constantly alive. unfortunately winter was descended on the UK so 90% of my driving time has been in the wet on greasy roads. With run flat tyres on and being front wheel drive understeer seems to be the general theme. 

I’ve been in cars with a lot more power than the JCW and thats confirmed something for me. the small, nimble lightweight package with around 200hp is a great combination for UK roads and speed limits. Any more and speeds get a lot higher. Short blasts between corners before hard braking and responsive turn in give great joy. Oh and that exhaust pop as you back off the throttle in 2nd gear is addictive! 

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