Rigging a SEAT Leon

Recently I took some rig shots of a SEAT Leon. I wanted to create an urban/city style image. Shooting at night in an artificially lit location suited the car well and created the style of image I was trying to achieve. Below is the first shot taken alongside the final edited final image. 

The set up was simple, 17-40mm F4 lens on my 5D mk2 mounted to the car using a Car Camera Rig.

The strip lights of the car park would provide the lighting effects I wanted. The long exposure would draw hem out and accentuate the cars lines and features. Below is the set up image.

To round up the shoot, a rear shot was taken as well. Over exposing the background slightly to  create a bright punchy urban image. Tweaking white balance in post processing and boosting the colours slightly to create the final image was all the RAW files needed. And of course the rig removal! 

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