RS500 Photoshoot

PR automotive work: RS500 Photoshoot at Donington Circuit

Cold, wet and windy. And no cars. It was a rather un exciting start to the day waiting for the owners of various RS500’s from across the country to turn up. But then. In the distance, a mint condition Black RS500 looms into view, followed by SUV’s towing trailers. This was going to be a great day! 5 cars in total, from iconic race car to showroom condition street car. We had it all! The brief was to photograph the cars and their owners ahead of the Performance Car Show. We had the run of the circuit for an hour and not a moment longer. So I got to work. Shooting statics off circuit and focusing the time allowed on getting a 5 car tracking shot along the pit straight. 

It was a proper, pinch yourself moment as 3 genuine race cars (No replicas here!) and 2 street cars thunder along the pit straight as i’m hanging out the back of a Skoda. Its days like this that remind me just how amazing my job is! 

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