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  1. Ferrari F12 photoshoot

    2016-09-09 14:04:00 UTC

    This is a shoot that dreams are made of. A Ferrari F12 TDF and a whole morning in the sunshine to photograph it. The TDF is a harder, faster more performance focused version of the already pretty brutal F12. This car is dripping with carbon and areo tweaks.  Picking out…

  2. Photographing a Rolls-Royce Dawn

    2016-07-29 14:55:00 UTC

    A quarter of a million pounds is what you pay to get your hands on the new Rolls Royce Dawn.  Based on the Wraith but using almost all new parts, this 500bhp car wafts you along as every Rolls does - in complete comfort. Rolls Royce boast that the Wraith…

  3. CAR magazine - 308 GTi shoot

    2016-07-29 14:47:00 UTC

    Recently I was contacted by CAR magazine and asked to shoot a few cars for their magazine. One of these was the 308 GTi. An awesome, fun little hot hatch showing that the cheaper options are often worth paying attention to! We shot the car in a few different situations…

  4. Alfa Romeo GT4C by Alfaworks

    2016-07-29 14:35:00 UTC

    Not long ago I shot the Alfaworks GT4C for PistonHeads. You can read all about it here!  The car is a tweaked and modified version of Alfa’s 4C. 30kgs lighter and with an additional 40bhp along with some suspension changes. Its a real giant killer and was great fun to…

  5. Lola Shot for Historic Race Tech

    2016-06-30 20:44:00 UTC

    Shooting for Historic Race Tech Mag gives me access to some incredible people and some awesome cars. This Lola, is as minimalistic as it gets. 4 wheels and an engine and that is it. It doesn’t even have paint! It makes modern cars seem hopelessly complicated! Read more by buying…

  6. Bentleys at Blenheim Palace

    2016-06-20 10:23:00 UTC

    A palace and 3 Bentleys, a great day for a shoot. Photographing at Blenheim Palace on a Friday morning has its limitations. With only an hour to conduct the shoot, arrange the cars and get the shots required for the client. I set to work.  Making the most of the…

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