Photographing a Rolls-Royce Dawn

A quarter of a million pounds is what you pay to get your hands on the new Rolls Royce Dawn.  Based on the Wraith but using almost all new parts, this 500bhp car wafts you along as every Rolls does - in complete comfort. Rolls Royce boast that the Wraith is the quietest convertible you can buy. There really is nothing quite like it. I photographed it with very limited time, even still it was enough to give me that Rolls Royce experience that I don’t think any other brand can match. 

Photographed near London, on a country road I looked at how I could convey its incredible presence an show off its amazing features. The bright orange interior was flawless and was completely unavoidable compared to its rather subtle exterior. The roof folds back to reveal the incredible interior. Its hard not to admit. This is such a cool car. 

The exterior - although new panels have been used and only the grille surround from the old Wraith remains. It is still typical Rolls Royce; big and imposing yet elegant and classical all in the same moment. This really is a beautiful car and was a pleasure to photograph. 

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